The newest Singer Featherweight sewing machine

  • NEW! Integrated Even Feed (IEF) system - fabrics feeds                   evenly from top and bottom for perfect seams

  • 70 built-in stitches - choose from Basic, stretch, decorative, Applique and quilting stitches

  • Compact and portable - easy to transport and easy to store; great for sewing in smaller spaces

  • Top drop-in Bobbin - easy to see and easy to thread

  • Programmable needle up/down - choose needle's stopping position for Applique and more



If you enjoy quilting,  this is your new machine.  You’ll love the the built- in walking foot.   This will make quilting and  putting on binding easier.   You  have never seen this feature on a machine for  $499.  


Husqvarna Viking is celebrating 145 years of sewing excellence with two Tribute machines.  The mechanical version 145M, is easy to use and powerful with a great selection of stitches and feet.  The needle up and down feature and speed control are a must have for any sewing project.   The computerized version 145C, has advanced features, including the built in sewing advisor.  You select the fabric and stitch and the machine does the rest.  


Baby Lock Intrepid,  6 needle embroidery machine.  Embroidery with 6 colors and never change the thread.  This machine will do it for you.  Just program the order of colors  and watch it go.  It does 1000 stitches per minute

The Baby Lock Intrepid has  an embroidery field of  7 7/8 X 11 ¾” and  has a free arm that allows you to  embroider on jean pockets or  shirt sleeves without opening up the seams.  This machine even has hoops specially designed for embroidering  on baseball caps.  


If you have an Accuquilt cutter, or you are thinking about purchasing one, now is the time.  They have just come out with a new companion cube called “Angles”.  If you have the basic cube, you can make 72 plus blocks. But if you purchase the Angle cube,  you can make an additional 72 plus blocks. The possibilities are endless. Accuquilt is also introducing the ultimate fabric cutting system “Ready Set Go”.  This is the best deal for a starter.  The kit includes the Go Cutter,  the 8” cube Mix and Match set 2 ½” Cutting Die,  mats 6x6 and 10X24,   Die Pick, Go cube book and over 70 free patterns. This kit is   valued at $557.89. Sale price is   $349.99.   


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