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988 S. Broadway
Coos Bay, Or. 97459
541-267-2241 - 1-800-353-4677

The following estimations are a guideline. Final cost depends on the complexity of your quilt and additional requests, services and supplies. Most of our work is free motion, ruler work and, sometimes, computerized designs.


Edge to edge simple quilting, meandering, stippling, minimal ruler work, and an occasional curlicue, etc, 3.5 cents per square inch.
Edge to edge more complex, fancy ruler work, Victorian designs, curls, etc, 4.5 cents per square inch.
Show quality quilting, we pull out all the stops and throw everything in the pot for a stunning result, 6.0 cents per square inch.

Binding: 50 cents per linear inch. We will prepare binding, cut and sew continuous strips, fold and press. It will be sewn by machine on the right side of your quilt and hand finished on the other. If you provide the binding ready to sew, it is 35 cents per linear inch.

Thread: $12.95 flat charge. We carry a variety of colors and prefer to use our own products.

Batting: We carry batting, or you can bring your own.

Embroidered labels: “Made by, for, date” sewn on the back side of quilt, $10

Quilt restorations and memory quilts, using a variety of garments, are priced by the job. An estimation for a t-shirt quilt is $25 per square. We prepare, cut, apply strips and stabilize. We cut the sashes and borders. Add your choice of quilting at the rates above, binding, thread, batting, etc. You provide the backing or we buy to match front.

Hanging sleeve: A 4” hanging sleeve may be attached for an extra $15.

Minimum estimated charges for quilting a small quilt of approximate 36x60 is $50, plus thread and supplies, if needed.

When preparing your quilt for quilting and placing on the long arm, backing and batting should be approximately 8 inches wider and longer than the top.

Preparing your backing: You can bring your backing ready to load on the long arm, or we can cut, sew and prepare it for $15.

FYI: If you are using flannel for your quilt, remember that, when washed, it shrinks considerably and some dark colors bleed. We suggest washing and pressing flannels before using.

Quilt tops and all provided materials must be clean and free of pet hair, odors and smoke.

If you would like us to make a quilt for you, the cost is estimated by individual jobs and materials.

Approximate quilt sizes:
Crib: 36x60
Twin: 81x101
Full: 96x96
Queen: 102x102
King: 120x120

“A day spent making your quilt a work of love, is a day well spent”

Thank you for trusting us with your quilting needs.