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This Sapphire 875 Q quilting machine is perfect for the quilting enthusiast. Loaded with many great features. Minor damage to rear corner (photo included)

EXCLUSIVE SEWING ADVISOR® – Sets the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension and sewing speed. Simply enter the type and weight of the fabric you are sewing and the technique you want to sew, the best stitch and settings are displayed in text on the GraphicDisplay. The recommended presser foot, thread tension, and needle size and type are shown. 

EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ – Sensor Foot Up automatically raises and lowers presser foot to four positions, including Sensor Foot Extra Lift for maximum space to slide fabrics under foot. Sensor Foot Pivot senses the fabric thickness when stopping with needle down to raise foot to float position for pivoting. The Sensor Foot Pressure automatically adjusts for any fabric thickness for perfect even feeding.

DUAL FEED FOOT- works great when sewing the most slippery of fabrics. 

ELECTRONIC SELF ADJUSTING THREAD TENSION – the best tension is set automatically for all sewing techniques. Override automatic tension easily for specialty techniques. 

SELECTIVE THREAD CUTTER – One touch instantly cuts the top and bobbin threads, pulls top thread to the underside of your fabric and raises the presser foot and the needle. 

START/STOP BUTTON – touch the Start/Stop button to begin and to stop sewing without the use of the foot control. Perfect for long rows of stitching at a steady speed and for free motion quilting.

DECORATIVE TAPERING FEATURE – The SAPPHIRE™ 875 Quilt sewing machine automatically reduces stitch width to a perfect point on many decorative stitches for embellishment and easy mitered corners. Select from 9 different angles. 

STITCH RE-START – Touch Stitch Re-start to begin sewing at the start of any stitch or stitch program. All stitch adjustments will be retained. 

MIRROR IMAGE END-TO-END – Mirror the selected stitch end-to-end for greater sewing ease and design opportunities. 

BOBBIN THREAD SENSOR – Stops sewing and alerts you when the bobbin thread runs out. STITCH POSITIONING – Makes it possible to change the needle position of all stitches. 

This can help you make easy and fancy quilts for $750.00 Call us during business hours. 541-267-2241 or 1-800-353-4677