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HandiQuilter HQ 16 CONSIGN

You won't find a stable 10-foot folding frame like this anywhere else. This is a great option if you don't have space for a long-arm quilter. It can be stored against the wall, then unfold the legs to finish your own quilts.
This will accommodate a queen-size quilt. It includes an idler rail, laser, tension sensor, rear handlebars, two spool pins, and a bobbin winder and has three screens to monitor the stitch selection. You can run it in manual mode or stitch-regulation mode. The large M-style bobbin holds twice the thread of a domestic sewing machine. You can stop this with the needle up or down.
We have tested this machine and modified the frame. We reinforced the rails to keep it level and straight. It has folding legs that allow you to store it on edge in a very small space. This one-of-a-kind system with a ten-foot frame with folding legs is compact for storage and stable in use.
This HandiQuilter HQ16 is being sold on consignment but we have a 30-day warranty.