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Precise Pedal Power

Our new Precise Pedal Power allows you to set your favorite speed with the adjustable leg and quilt away at your preferred pace. This heavy duty acrylic accessory is perfect for free motion quilting and quilting with templates or rulers! This is easily attached on most sewing machine foot pedals with the included special tape.

How Does It Work?

The Precise Pedal Power accessory is perfect for sewing machine operators who wish to have a better way to control the speed of their machine without having to rely on the dexterity of their feet or having to purchase a new computerized machine.

On an average electronic foot pedal, you are given free range to go from very slow speed to full speed at any time. However, full speed is often way too fast if you are trying to piece a quilt or work carefully on in important project.

Once you affix this clever gadget to your foot pedal, the adjustable leg will act as a stop to prevent the foot pedal from fully being pressed down. By simply screwing in or out the adjustable leg, you can control what your maximum speed is easily.

In the event that you need to go faster than what the adjustable leg is set for, you can just tilt the foot pedal to the right and you'll get a speed boost whenever necessary.