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YMop Pogo Classic Home


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Can you build a better mop?

Yale Smith, from Texas invented this better tool.

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Need help? We want you to enjoy your new machine and are here for you. With any of our machines, we offer remote support over the phone or with Google Meet video calls.

For any questions, please call us at 541-267-2241. We are open Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Good tools make the job easier. Cleaning is based on 5 factors.  Temperature, Duration, Agitation, and Concentration. What this tool does well is increase the agitation to 4,000 strokes per minute and you can add the solvents at the necessary concentration for reducing the length of time to clean.  The microfiber pad can be used with Chemicals like Kleenco Maintain for your hard floors.  For cleaning carpet, use cleaning solutions like Kleenco Carpet Brite.  When the pad becomes soiled simply wash it in your washing machine. 

The vibrations do the work and even help to crawl across the floor with ounces of pressure on the handle.  If you have a nasty scuff mark you can even hold it on edge to buff it away.  The microfiber pads reach up the side to clean your baseboard.  There are no tanks to fill or triggers to fail.  The low profile of the head allows it to go places other mops will not reach.  This high speed (4000 RPM) scrubber makes it easy to clean many things.  The lithium battery holds enough charge to scrub a kitchen, hall and bathroom with very little effort. You can even use this to clean a gym floor or a treadmill.    

This very efficient machine uses a 11.1 volt battery with 2500mAh but only charges with half an amp when plugged into your wall socket.   There is a bracket to hang this on the wall in your utility room or closet.  

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