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This is almost brand new. Note the extremely low number of hours.  Less than 5 hours of sewing and less than 25 hours of embroidery.   
The Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Royale was the top of the line machine when it was introduced. We have this on consignment.
The large color touch screen makes editing very easy.  We have serviced this and it sews beautiful stitches.  

The exceptional Ultimate Interactive Screen provides an optimal view.
The generous sewing and extension surface is perfect for large projects.  
You will love the large selection of stitches.  It even includes the ability to sew sideways which creates larger designs than ever before.  
The unique EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ technology senses your fabric thickness for perfect, even feeding.
The senor foot allows you to stop with the needle down as it lifts the presser foot for quick perfect pivots on your projects. 
The Deluxe thread delivery system makes the tension look great. 
The exclusive SEWING ADVISOR®  features suggests what will make your sewing better.
Step saver operating system! The fewest possible steps between you and every function that you desire. 
Such as select the thread cutter and it completes the stitch pattern, ties a knot, cuts the thread and raises the presser foot leaving you ready for the next operation.
It has a nice selection of feet and comes with 2 hoops, the original thread, USB cable, 2 flash drives, trim scissors and manuals. 
Even though this is a consingment, we will warranty the labor and parts for 60 days.