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Consignment Tin Lizzie Ram

The Tin Lizzie Ram was a Really Affordable Machine for making quilts. This machine is on the Falcon frame which is made from Baltic Birch with 6 galvanized rails made from electrical conduit. When these shipped they came without the conduit to save on shipping. With the ease of cutting the conduit, you can shorten these to fit in any room. The machine has an 18" throat and many features found on only the best longarm quilting machines. The presser foot lifts to make it easy to go over the edge or over a template. The stitch regulation is adjustable to keep all your stitches the same length. You can set it at different constant speeds if you need to make small stitches like pebbling. You also have the option of idle mode which is a combination of stitch regulation with a slow constant speed to help make precise corners or it can be used to tie off before you stop. The built-in bobbin winder will fill the very large M-style bobbin as you are sewing so you will always have a full bobbin. It is easy to snap into the front of the machine with a little click to tell you it is ready to go. The rear handlebars and laser are perfect for following the pantographs on the rear shelf. Included with this are a dozen designs, 9 bobbins, and a large roll of batting.