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Encoder Tires (Set of 2)

Replacement Encoder Tires for Longarm Quilters

What Are Encoder Tires?

Encoders on the long arm quilting machine tell it how long to make each stitch when in the regulated mode. As the encoder drive tires get old and oxidize, they can slip and cause your machine to leave long and irregular stitches.

Encoder tires are an important part to make stitch regulation on long arm quilting machines accurate. The best tires have a superior elasticity and a high coefficient of friction to provide superior traction on the rails. Latex rubber meets these requirements. The tremendous elasticity allows them to be fit tight on to many different sized encoders.

It is best to change both encoder tires together as they change size as they wear and you will want both encoders to send the same consistent signal. If you buy an extra set, seal them from oxidation and store them in a cold place like your fridge.

The ones in the pictures were used on the white encoders like the later model Tin Lizzie 18, P3 Power Quilter, Pfaff Grand Quilter, Janome Artistic Quilter, Janome Artistic Quilter 18 DX, Viking Platinum and Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter 18 etc. These replace old tires that are OD 1" ID .795" W .448" or OD 25mm ID 20mm W 11mm.

How To Install Replacement Encoder Tire

One set of encoders (2 tires) is $24.95. We offer FREE shipping to anywhere within the United States.
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