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HandiQuilter HQ 16 CONSIGN

HandiQuilter HQ16 on a 10-foot tabletop frame is being sold on consignment. This gave us the opportunity to give it a review.

This will accommodate a queen-size quilt. It includes an idler rail, laser, tension sensor, rear handlebars, two spool pins, and a bobbin winder and has three screens to monitor the stitch selection. You can run it in manual mode or stitch-regulated mode. The large M-style bobbin holds twice the thread of a domestic sewing machine. You can stop this with the needle up or down.

In an attempt to provide the good the bad and the ugly. Items that could improve this are better tables or a rigid metal or wooden frame. The frame sits on the tables and they are not perfectly straight causing the sewing machine to drift when you let go of it. The clamps are in need of paint. The speed control for the bobbin winder does not have a cover. It could be mounted to a board or replaced with a new one for $29. The rails for the quilt come in 3 pieces and the connections can be difficult to connect. The one-inch rails are on the small size which allows them to bend when you tighten up the quilt. The leaders are adequate but not of high quality.

Short Video of it in action.